Monday, October 20, 2008

Assistive Devices

Today I went shopping. We saw a low priced walker in an add from a hardware store chain. I now own my very own hot shiny purple walker with added basket feature. 

Several months ago I came home from the hospital with a long list of changes to make to our home and equipment like a wheelchair, bath chair and walker to get a hold of.  Well we blissfully thought of  this as a short term thing and worked our way down the provided list of rental companies to find the best deal. The company we choose rents everything from household lamps to forklifts and cranes... and these assistive devices were waiting for me for going home. 

Ever since I have had a love/ hate relationship with these items. I am so grateful for the freedom these devices give me but still I think that next month this goes back! I will be fine by then! We aren't going to have to pay another months rent! Well, in a month the wheelchair went back and in 4 months the bath chair went back when we found a free one on an email community trading site. That left the walker.  At this point we have paid almost 3 times the value of the walker in rental fees because, to me, purchasing my own was kind of like admitting defeat. Practicality has finally won out.

There a few extra options for people in financial need that the hospitals kindly organize for rent or purchase. The personal assisted living stores are easy to work with especially if you need to work with an insurance company and they are very willing  and able to give some expert advice about a variety of product choices. A must check out source is the newspaper and the internet. Garage sales are a source for deals but it  is a bit hit or miss.  Many individuals are happy to donate or give away their unused items and are so glad they can help someone so check those message boards out. 

You almost think there needs to be swap meets out there somewhere.  Test drive this cane, try out this chair that can boost you up to standing at the push of a button. What do you want to trade?

I really do believe accepting  help is a good part of life. Items that give you a measure or freedom and independence or help with your comfort are wonderful things and some can even assist with recovery and maintaining health.  I hope to be running around walker free sometime in the  future and I will find a new home for the walker with someone who can really use it at that time.  In the meantime;  watch for me cruising down the sidewalk with my brand new shiny purple wheels. 


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