Thursday, June 4, 2015

TED talk- How my brain injury made me smarter.

I watched this TEDx talk today and it resonated with me. It is about how life changed for a smart woman who suffered a brain injury.  Ann Zuccardy has a blog with the eye catching title... I want my Brain Back. Ah ha! I like her already.

She is a communications expert who had a fall resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury and she talks about resiliency and what she has learned about creativity and intelligence in her attempts to put her life back together. She promotes pushing your comfort level. Ann learned ways that play, movement and humor could help in her recovery.

She says she became... an "accidental neuroscientist".  How many of us could claim the same title?  It is amazing how much we needed to learn about brains and neuroscience at a time when we felt the least able to focus and learn.

What are your thoughts about this talk?

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