Thursday, August 13, 2015

What Next?

 I checked my email yesterday and opened one from my boss and there it was--- 4 weeks notice of the termination date for my part time job.

I have always known that my job is a term position related to someone's maternity leave. The leave is almost over and changes are going to happen. I knew it was a short term position and thought of it as an excellent way to get real life experience after doing the training. This job has been very rewarding and I have enjoyed my work, spending time with my co-workers and I am really sad that this is coming to an end. I admit it was physically harder than I expected largely due to the issues related to the building. I have pushed and pushed, gone up and down stairs, dragged, lifted and twisted. You know what? It has gotten easier over the past year.

I previously thought I had gotten as far as I could with physical rehab. It seems that working in a 9 story building, where you can't always wait for the elevator, encourages a whole lot of exercise that I would never have chosen to do for myself. On the other hand my neuro and muscle work related improvement is meeting a spot where my age and years of walking funny have damaged my joints. I am going to physiotherapy as needed  and it helps.

Jasper resting at the cottage after a long day of play.
What next?

I follow a wonderful blog The Murphy Saga and the amazing and inspiring author recently wrote :
I've got a choice to either stew over it and be miserable until it consumes me, or I can get busy adjusting to my new life.

What a powerful approach to dealing with change!

First my husband and I are going on a two week vacation and taking time to have an adventure and enjoy a break away from it all.

I will start to apply for jobs again. I probably should have started much sooner but I was enjoying being settled into this life. I am optimistic that I will find another part time job .. hopefully a permanent one!

Maybe I will take some more courses, maybe I will actually spend time practicing guitar maybe do some different type of volunteering. There are so many new things out there that I could try out..


 Maybe I should follow Jasper's lead and just take more time to nap.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Free Hat for Runners Today

I went this evening to watch my daughter participate in a 20 minute run at our local Running Room.  They probably had a hundred people show up for this  free event 20 minute challenge -- and for the free hat that was included with registration.
Please visit the Running Room site for more info.

There was a 2 K walk/ run, a 3 K run or a 4 K run the people could choose from.  They got every one in into the parking lot for group pictures and then off the people went into the neighbourhood.  About 20 minutes later they returned looked a little the worse for running in the heat and humidity all claiming their nutritious snack bar and a bottle of water.

I liked that it was such a nice free event for adults of all ages and that there were lots of kids and a dog or two running with their families. What a wonderful way to enjoy healthy living as a family. Then there was the group of friends in their forties that I overheard planning what pub to meet at for a beer afterward. Think about the contrast between the wholesome snack bar and then beer time. I think it is awesome that a group of 6 or 7 friends would lace up their shoes and then go enjoy an evening together.  What great social support for an active lifestyle.

I sat and waited because I am having a lot of knee and hip issues. I chatted to a 66 year old man who was sitting it out because of  a sore leg from a run he had been in last week. The gentleman told me he has been a runner for 40 years and still going strong. He also shared some interesting info about the local orienteering association.  Orienteering is when you chase around a trail or in a community using a map and a compass to find a series of check points. I asked if they ever did accessible events or wheel chair programs. He said he has not seen that around here but had participated in one in Colorado years ago. I jokingly said maybe someday I will help get one going in our province. He said he and others in the association would be there to help me.  Who knows? Something else to think about!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

TED talk- How my brain injury made me smarter.

I watched this TEDx talk today and it resonated with me. It is about how life changed for a smart woman who suffered a brain injury.  Ann Zuccardy has a blog with the eye catching title... I want my Brain Back. Ah ha! I like her already.

She is a communications expert who had a fall resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury and she talks about resiliency and what she has learned about creativity and intelligence in her attempts to put her life back together. She promotes pushing your comfort level. Ann learned ways that play, movement and humor could help in her recovery.

She says she became... an "accidental neuroscientist".  How many of us could claim the same title?  It is amazing how much we needed to learn about brains and neuroscience at a time when we felt the least able to focus and learn.

What are your thoughts about this talk?

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