Monday, June 21, 2010

We Went Canoeing

It has been a very long time since I was out in a canoe.

Bob and son Bobby, with supervision from me and little O., moved around a bunch of large rocks at the waters edge to the front of the cottage lot. They made a big flat rock area useful as a canoe launch and it was stable enough to let me climb in. There still needed to be someone holding on, (Thanks Bobby), and I found that bending over to grab the sides of the canoe when I was climbing in was very hard and made me dizzy. One big step in, kind of a hard plop down on the seat and we were on our way.

It felt just so natural to be paddling . Nothing to it. I suspect Bob, over there in the back , was doing more than his fair share of paddling, but I did my best. Things were so extraordinarily beautiful and lush looking at the back side of the island that I regretted leaving my camera where it was safe and dry. At one point we got hung up on some rocks and I needed to switch paddling sides, and help push us sideways. That was not at all easy. It is apparent that I am at the moment a bit of a one sided paddler. Just one more thing to work on.

I felt such a sense of freedom out on that boat, close to the water and coasting along with a bit of breeze. Even a little bit rougher water was just exciting and not scary at all.

We only did one little loop around our tiny island. That took us under 30 minutes, but it was all I could handle before I was exhausted.... this time.


Suzanne said...

YAY for you!!! Love the photos and your courage and determination to get out there. I don't know when I last went canoeing...yes I do, it was about 7 years ago! so happy for you :)

Linda said...

Thanks, I was very proud of me. : )
I had really hoped to get out in the canoe again this past weekend, but it was rainy and Bob was busy working on repairing the new dock for our boat in between rain showers.

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