Thursday, December 23, 2010

I have a new Physiotherapist

I have had two meetings with my new physiotherapist.

The first one was a conversation about what I want to accomplish with Physiotherapy and about my medical history. I found myself telling my life history and saying that I want to be really fit for the first time in my life. Loft goals perhaps. I didn't manage to pull that off before I got ill.

Meeting number two was added in last week to do a physical assessment in particular the balance assessments. I got kind of upset the night before the appointment and hardly slept. Then I was being really tense during the assessment and I wonder how much that threw it all off. At any rate, I am pretty sure I scored worse than that last time with my former therapist. Maybe he is just a tougher marker. I absolutely know that I am functioning better than I was during the summer and I don't feel dizzy and nauseated anywhere near as often. I am going the right direction with recovery.

I do like the new PT so far and look forward to seeing what the new plan is in January. I also have some plans for getting more exercise in during the New Year.

Wish me luck!


Barb Polan said...

Good luck, Linda! I absolutely believe that changing it up periodically has got to get us to a better result. All the best in the new year. Barb

Suzanne said...

Wishing you luck and best wishes for success, Linda! I'm not waiting an longer for the doc's to get it together and figure out what's best. I'm going to walk my treadmill and do the best I can on my own. Please keep us updated!

Big hugs! Sue

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