Friday, December 9, 2011

We are Home

I had a very good time on our vacation in Hawaii, but I must admit I don't feel rested----- I feel exhausted. I need to take it easier when I go on these adventures.

I strained my back on our trip home but fortunately my back is already getting better. I think it was just helping with my carry-on luggage or perhaps it was just sitting in the plane that long but I am sure not ready to jump straight into Christmas decorating and shopping. Life does go on and I do need to get back to all of my regular activities.

I had a guitar lesson last Tuesday --- after 3 weeks without practice. Wow it was bad. (My teacher is the most patient person you ever met!) I guess two little ukulele lessons don't make up for weeks without touching the guitar. I have been getting better at the guitar and the difference it had made to my weak hand is phenomenal, but it does take me a long time to get the hang of any of the mental or physical skills involved in playing. It seems that I forget what I learn much faster than the amount of time it takes me to learn it in the first place. Practice, practice,  practice.  Maybe I should start practicing the ukulele too.

Winnipeggers usually wind up talking about the weather, so maybe that is a good fall back topic to ease me back into the blogging world. When we left it was pretty darn cool in Manitoba, but we didn't have any snow on the ground. We flew off to Hawaii and despite the fact that it was 80 degrees and warm at night I wanted to carry my jacket around like a security blanket. By the end of the two weeks I was just starting to trust the easy weather conditions and then it was time to come home.

People .. it is darn cold here and it is just going to get colder!

There isn't a lot of deep snow, but the sidewalks are icy and slippery and I need to have a metal spike gripper thing on the bottom of my cane to keep me from slipping. My winter parka from last year is having zipper problems.

I have switched from pretty glasses of fruity beverages decorated with pineapple slices and fresh flowers to mugs of tea or hot cocoa decorated with Santa and reindeer.

I must admit that I do sleep better curled up in my own bed under 2 fluffy quilts.

Ahhhh ----  Home Sweet Home.


oc1dean said...

I remember flying from Winnipeg to Hawaii in Jan. and as we were coming back the pilot announced that it was 39 degrees below zero, both Fahrenheit and Centigrade.
It great that you're working on guitar.

Sara G said...

Glad you had a safe trip but also nice trip. I'm not looking forward to sitting in a car ride for 2-3 days at end of December but we are headed to Florida. I'll blog soon about what is going on. Sending hugs!

Barb Polan said...

Welcome back! I was missing your posts - I had the bizarre idea that you would blog while in Hawaii. Nope, I'll bet you were too busy doing your exercises to spend time on the computer. Did you walk a million miles? Are you going to post pix? I hope so.

Linda said...

Dean.. you really do understand! BRRRR

Sara.. Thank goodness cars have more knee room than planes. I look forward to hearing what is going on with you soon.

Barb ... I was planned on blogging really I was! The place we stayed the first week had the internet down for "improvement" except in the restaurant so I really had very little internet access. By week two I was already getting exhausted so I figured I will do a few "after the trip" posts about my adventures along with some pictures. Bob and I took a LOT of pictures!

It felt like we drove a million miles and I walked a very very long way. This was not a hanging out at the beach kind of holiday.

Grace Carpenter said...

Welcome back, Linda! I missed reading your updates.

Marcelle Greene said...

I am freezing just reading this. Welcome back, Linda!

flv to wmv said...

Great to see at home. Your vacation in Hawaii was looking amazing. I think you would be enjoyed it lot.

Anonymous said...

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