Friday, May 11, 2012

Travel to the Peace Garden

I traveled with several members of my Girl Guide Units (ages 13 to 16 ) to join with Girl Scouts of America for a weekend camp experience at the Peace Garden Park.  Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th year and we joined them for an Arbour Day celebration.

The park is located between the Canadian and US borders and is managed jointly by both countries and their park services. It was pretty cool that the US girls never had to cross into Canada and we did not have to cross the US border, but we still got to spend the weekend working and playing together.

We had a great time and the facilities were great. We slept indoors and I was happy to find that I had a nice room to sleep in with 2 twin beds and real mattresses.

We sang songs and did skits in a performance hall, we did tie dye pillowcases, we planted trees, we toured the sights and museums of this park that was created in 1932. We were invoved in a service project,  and had a workshop with a photographer. The older girls from both countries got together to roast marshmallows.

I was pretty darn exhausted for days afterward, but I wouldn't have missed this camp for anything!

This memorial is for Game Wardens and Natural Resource Officers who lost their lives in the course of duty. It is located at the North American Game Warden Museum.

 The 9/11 Memorial
Ten steel Girders from the Word Trade Center were installed at the International Peace Garden.


The Peace Tower 
120 feet high with two of the columns located in Manitoba, Canada and two in North Dakota, USA. The columns are separate and independent but located on a common base which is intended to represent democracy.

150 girls tie dyed pillow cases

 The girls and leaders planted about 700 trees. (I took pictures)

We made a lot of new friends.


Humpty Dumpty said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Daughter went to the Peace Gardens in high school for music camp and Hubby & I drove down to pick her up and see their final concert. It sure is an amazing place. Your Guiders & the Scouts will have made memories that they'll have for a lifetime. Glad you were able to be a part of it, too. :) said...

Very cool - love the pics! What an amazing way to foster friendly relations between two nations!

JanetK said...

Very nice! Thanks for posting - I miss (girl)scouting...but we are starting all over again I guess with a little cub scout.

Linda said...

Thanks Running for Autism. It was great to see the girls starting to know each other and working on common goals.

Humpty.. it really is a great venue. We have visited the garden before but never stayed there and never toured the museums before.

Janet.. cub scouts are lots of fun too. I hope my grandson joins cubs next year, but their daddy works shifts and it makes organized evening events so hard.

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