Thursday, October 18, 2012

Graduating from Therapy

Last Friday I had my final meeting at Easy Street, that fantastic hospital rehabilitation group that was overseeing my recovery. My Social Worker and my Dietitian were the only two therapists I have seen over the past year and I haven't seen either of them for the past 5 months. I have had a couple of phone-calls and many emails keeping in touch with my wonderful Social Worker.  She has kept me in the Easy Street Rehabilitation program while we have been sorting out all the issues related to the vocational rehabilitation program and my efforts to adjust to what is the new normal for my life.

Friday afternoon I went in for a last appointment with her before I was officially discharging from their program.  She assured me that she still wants emails letting her know how my life is going.

I have spent a lot of the time in Occupational Therapy learning to set realistic goals and hopefully these skills are now part of my everyday life!

Two years ago I wrote out a list of what I thought I needed to do before being discharged. My three daughters were all in university at the time and all taking about what courses need to be completed and what last assignments needed to be accomplished before they would graduate. I felt a need to make a "grad" list too. I planned to buy myself a particular piece of jewelry from a hospital fundraiser when I finished rehab, just like university graduates buy a Grad ring.  
I may not have completed all my self-appointed assignments before I was discharged, but I have confidence that I will eventually compete most of my self appointed tasks in some fashion or another. They won't be the first "late" assignments in my life.  (grin)

Some of these items may sound a bit silly, but for me they are all meaningful.

               Shop independently (done)
               Cook independently (done)
               Bake pretty cakes again (done)
               Read for fun and have it feel like fun  (done)
               Get my driver's license back (done)
               Make a photo book of the hospital garden
               Play a nice song on the guitar
               Take part in some kind of sport or athletic challenge
               Get the hang of Photoshop 
               Finish an afghan I started just before I got really sick
               Get a job

It is really kind of scary and exciting all at the same time to be officially out of the rehabilitation phase of recovery.  I know that this really is a new chapter for me.

 I still have a lot to work on ... but I am ready to be stepping out on my own.


Grace Carpenter said...


Your program has sounded fantastic. I wish I had a team to guide me and keep me on track--and to celebrate the phases of recovery.

Linda said...

Thank-you Grace! It is an amazing system of support that is rare in Canada too. This group only takes in under two hundred a year so I was very lucky to get in.

Grace, we are not quite a rehab team... but there are sure lots of us out here cheering you on!

Elizabeth, John and Jack said...

Congratulations!! It was a bittersweet time for me. My program was much shorter and I was so afraid my progress would stop without my team. It didn't...I do keep improving, thank god! I'm glad you feel ready. You have accomplished so much and I'm sure the rest of your list will get checked off in time. Cheering you on!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

You list is halfway complete and you are definitely on your way to completing everything. Congrats! :)

Glynis Jolly said...

Sounds like you're going to be rather busy, Linda. Do you have a completion date for any of those you have left to do? Just wondering.


Linda said...

Hey Elizabeth! Thank-you! I am glad you keep on improving on your own! I was really not being aware of a lot of my problems at the time. Not denial.. full out cognitive problem being able to recognize there was anything wrong. I hate to think what would have happened without continuing pushing by professionals in the right direction. I would have been working hard going round and round in circles!

Linda said...

Glynis good question about the completion dates! All the different items have different time-lines that are in my mind anyway. Shocking how much stuff winds up out of my control though.

The job thing is the most frustrating. I still have lots to do before that with the help of the vocational rehab program, maybe even go back to school. My personal goal is to be working at a paying job by September 2014.

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