Saturday, August 31, 2013

Closing Doors and Opening Windows

Open Window, Etretat

by Henri Matisse

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
Alexander Graham Bell

The staff of the college program I am entering, the disability advisor and my job coach have all stressed that I need to let go of my different activities for this coming year. I need to focus on school. I know that college is going to use up most of my energy and that spare time will become a thing of the past.

You know what? It is hard to let go of my activities and social life.  I keep trying to negotiate a way that I can keep doing all the things I have been doing. Moving forward to new experiences means I have to leave past activities behind, at least for a while.

Yesterday I called my guitar teacher and told him I was quitting for now and then I cried. I have put a lot of time into getting that darn thing to sound half decent and I was just started to feel like I was making music instead of doing finger and hand therapy.

Volunteering at the hospital is another hard one to give up. The volunteer coordinator sent me the mailing of the recreation activities they need help with for September and I really want to volunteer with  most of them  but I won't be free. I realized with a smile that my reaction is a good thing. It probably means this Therapeutic Recreation program is a good choice for me.

Girl Guides? Actually this one feels okay. I will maintain my membership, and I will still attend the occasional event with girls and hopefully be a bit of a mentor for the younger leaders in my group. I will kind of take on a Grandma role. I will come to the enrollment and take pictures, I will show up for a couple of events over the year.  Guiding has a Trefoil Group for older leaders to meet for fun activities on a monthly basis and I have participated in that group for a couple of years. I already had to send my regrets regarding attending  a day in the country with the group that will occur on my first day of classes.  I am confident that I have the support of this group of women who have devoted years with a recreation and learning program for girls and young women. They understand about the value of the training program I am about to start.

On Wednesday I chaired my last meeting of the Peer Support Group that I have been involved with over the past several years. I am passing the group on to a couple of wonderful people who have been part of the group and I know that things will go even better with their fresh ideas, I am sorry to be moving away from Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba but that feels right too. I will still show up when I can and I will keep in touch  with my friends but it won't be quite the same. I talked to the organization's Administrator, Russ, about what a home away from home the organization has been for me. He said that one part of the organization's official objectives is  "To assist the Stroke Survivor to again become a participating member of society through mental stimulation, self-help, and socialization" .  He said that is exactly what I was doing.
Moving forward is what is supposed to happen.


Rebecca Dutton said...

I've been following your path towards resuming fulltime work and find it amazing. It sounds like you have set yourself up for success. Good luck. Keep us posted.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Studying will quickly become the most important activity of your life for the next few months. Friends & family understand & support you. Although we want to spend time with you, we will allow you the time to do the best you can - but, if you ever want a study partner, you know where to find me. I promise to concentrate on the task at hand and not socialize until after the work is done! (grin!)

Barb Polan said...

Yes, yes, yes!

I know it's hard to leave behind activities we love (as it was when we were forced to by stroke), but you are leaving these behind because of your exciting future.

Study hard, but take care of yourself too. And remember, you will be able to fit in a little fun here and there. Just not too much.

Elizabeth, John and Jack said...

Congratulations!! I can see how leaving behind these activities is bittersweet, is all part of a grander plan. :) You are very inspiring always taking on these very ambitious goals. I love your courage and persistence! Cheering you on!!!

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