Friday, January 30, 2015

So Many Little Changes

I have not written for such a long time and it has been good for me to take a break from blogging. I am still working at my small part-time job and I am gradually getting used to working. It seems to have changed a lot of the little aspects of my life.

Clothing.. I need more of them. I had a jeans, sweater and t-shirt wardrobe. Now I need dress pants or active wear clothing. I need cooler dressier shirts that are good for moving in a warm building. I personally need shoes that give really good support.

Sleeping... I need to get up at 7 in the morning and I have to be well rested. I go to bed .. start thinking and then have trouble falling asleep. Lately I am back to using meditation at night to try and keep me level.

Remembering... I try so hard to remember names and other information. I think I am doing better but it is still not easy for me when the pressure is on.

Meals... I need to pack a lunch and eat in a lunch room and that still feels weird.

Co-workers... really new to me and it is fun to have co-workers to chat with who are doing similar jobs. In my last working life I had a boss and no one working with me or under me.

Swipe cards.. I have to swipe in and out at work to track my work time... that is new to me too. I live in fear of breaking or loosing the thing.

Housework.. Not one of my priorities at the moment, but we will catch up eventually.

Fitness... This has two sides to it. My endurance has shown a huge improvement. My legs and hips are building muscles. The flip side is my knee and shoulder joints are getting worse fast. Arthritis is winning and I am back to visiting my doctor.

Paychecks... Direct deposit is good. I set up an account for my earnings and the amount is going up slowly. I don't work a lot so progress is not spectacular.

I know that none of this stuff is too exciting or too important- just part of my days now.


Rebecca Dutton said...

ALL of this sounds exciting to those of us who are stroke survivors. I have the same problem remembering names too. I keep a list of names grouped by venue in my purse and look at it before I go into a setting. That brief reminder really helps.

Grace Carpenter said...

I've been volunteering, and I'm starting to think about these things, too--signing in, parking, lunch, etc. I feel so accomplished when I do them (correctly, that is)!

Linda said...

Rebecca.. I am really struggling with the names, and what floor and rooms people have. The full time people each have 2 groups of 25 people they are responsible for and they get to know their residents really well. I am a float for whoever has the day off and I also work every second weekend so 175 residents get to see me.. once in a while. I have to record the names of everyone that I do programs with and really struggle to keep track. The nurses are really being very patient with my constant questions.

Linda said...

Grace.. I felt a little odd writing a post about these details, but it really does feel weird and good at the same time to be (successfully) dealing with this kind of everyday task.

I think volunteering is so important. You get out there.. focus on doing some good in the world and discover you are helping yourself in the process! I would love to hear more about your volunteering sometime.

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