Saturday, March 7, 2015

Convocation from College

On February 9th ... I attended my Convocation from Red River College and was conferred with the title of Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator.

The experience mattered a lot to me. It has been such a hard journey these past few years and it is still hard to believe that I have come so far. I did not realize how much I cared until I was in the middle of the ceremony. Just like any other graduate this is the start of a new phase of my life. A new beginning and it truly seemed like a miracle to me.

New friends from class graduated  beside me. My husband and two of my children were cheering me on from the audience, and I knew my other two children were cheering me on from their homes. I was surprised and so happy to realize that two of my best friends had come to the ceremony too and  I later heard that another friend watched me graduate via an internet link. When I joined the audience after the ceremony I looked at these terrific people and cried with happiness.

I have been very privileged to have so many wonderful people support me through times of loss, sadness and fear  and also there to share and celebrate in so much joy! Thank-you!


My new friends Janet, Linda M, and Ashtyn

My wonderful long-time friends Sue and Faye

My daughters, Alicia and Emily
Bob and me


Barb Polan said...

Congratulations, Linda! Very impressive accomplishment. And it's so sweet to have such supportive family and friends.

Rebecca Dutton said...

Congratulations. Nice to see photos of all the people supporting you.

Grace Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Linda! What an accomplishment!

Diane said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! YOO HOO! Well done, Linda. You go, girl!

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