Monday, May 30, 2011

Full Circle

   Three years ago, this week, I was supposed to be getting ready to go camping with my Girl Guide Unit and the rest of our Guiding District. We had an "Olympic" theme going on for that camp and I had done a lot of research and put a lot of planning into the camp but I had not yet pulled all of the materials together when I got sick.

I had the first part of my health issues begin in May and I blithely assumed that with a bit of medicine I was going to be fine. I wound up in the hospital and began thinking that  I really needed to get better fast, but just in case I better tell my family where all the camp information was so they could pass it on to someone.  I had no idea what was in store for me at that point.

This past weekend I was finally able to go camping once again. No, I am not back to planning the camp, I am not physically up to doing most of the tasks needed at camp. I was there to listen to the girls, to comfort worried girls  and help instruct and encourage them in some of the tasks they were doing.

I have learned the value in letting others help me. The girls did many tasks like cook meals for me and they served me with great pride. I had the privilege of enjoying their efforts, praising their skills and thanking them for the great gifts of their work,  their time, and for their company.

We are raised to think it is better to give than to receive. To learn to receive with grace and to allow other to have the opportunity to be the ones doing the giving has been a privilege. I want to give special thanks the other leaders who made it possible for me to go camping once again.


Glynis Jolly said...

So well written, Linda. And I can tell that you truly meant every word of it. Absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, what a milestone! Glad you are able to enjoy at least parts of your "former" life and have found ways to enjoy the new parts of your "newer" life. Amazing what perspective does for your spirit!
Best wishes,

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