Friday, May 20, 2011

It is Almost Like Physiotherapy Bootcamp

Have I ever been busy doing physiotherapy these past few weeks! For the month of May I have physiotherapy 5 days a week with 3 different therapists!

I am very fortunate to still have physiotherapy, at almost 3 years past stroke. I was sent to a fantastic multi-discipline outpatient program "Easy Street" at a near by hospital where I have received excellent help in kind of a team approach. Things have been going extra well lately and my physiotherapist, T ,  was willing to work with me twice a week so I see him on Tuesday's and Fridays and he has me doing a good set of exercises at home.  I actually do them too.

Next I came across someone who teaches Tai ji. This lady, Rebecca started doing adapted classes at our local Stroke Recovery Association offices but I must admit I was a little sceptical and it did not catch my attention until person after person said how nice she was and how much they are enjoying the class.  I went to one session and found that she is actually a licensed physiotherapist who is has a passion for Tai ji. I have gone to about 6 sessions over the the past 7 weeks and I can't believe how much it is helping my stability and balance already. Her business is called ENVOLVE PHYSIOTHERAPY  I told T. about her and it turns out they knew each other from their student days and he has a lot of respect for her. He is very supportive of my participation in her group classes.

Two months ago the university was looking for clients with neuro issues to attend the physiotherapy department clinical lab. The were offering free physio with the final year PT students under very close supervision of their professors. T told me they needed a few more people for May so I put my name in and now I get to work with a very nice student 2 days a week for this month. It has been interesting and I am learning a lot along with the student. The only draw back is that he is giving me "homework" too! lol. I am sorry that I only have 3 or 4 more sessions there.

Another week or so and the Tai Ji group and the student program will both be over, and my physiotherapy will go back to normal.  I will still have lots of new exercises to work on at home and I plan on having lots of fun outside this summer.

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Glynis Jolly said...


I wish I lived where you do. I've never heard of this type of therapy before. Will you be sharing your home exercises with us who read your blog? I sure do hope so.

via e-mail at said...

Tai chi is so relaxing. I wish I had enough arm movement to do it again. Your instructor sounds awesome.

Linda said...

About this Tai ji... not moving an arm is not a deterrent.

The last group class had 9 of us there and at least 3 have very little or no use of an arm (or leg too) and this amazing woman works with it! As well as dealing with me tipping over periodically and 2 men whose communication skills are challenged.

We do some of the moves standing if you can, some sitting and she mixes in all sorts of individual adaptations.

Everyone seems to leave happier than they came.

Linda said...

I will try and get myself organized and see if I can write out my Physio "homework" clearly. I guess pictures would be helpful... hmmmmm.

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