Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Local Stroke Recovery Association was on the News

I often talk about what an important place my local Stroke Recovery Association has been for me. I was not getting out of the house and I was not really sure what was to become of me. I was isolated and uninformed. One night, at about 3 am, I was awake as usual and being miserable. I saw an advertisement for a national stroke recovery organization, Stroke Recovery Canada, -- and it gave their web address. I looked it up and was really surprised to find there was a group here in Winnipeg. It took me a couple of weeks and a lot of staring at the web site before I finally got up the nerve to phone. I had a nice chat with the director and I was encouraged to come to a little tea that was planned to celebrate Stroke Recovery Month in Manitoba. I told my eldest daughter about my phone call and she hauled me off to the stroke recovery center for a quick visit to check the place out. It was much smaller than I expected but very welcoming.
The following event  I went to was their BBQ fundraiser. I thought it wouldn't hurt to support this organization that I suddenly seemed to have some kind of connection with. I thought the least I could do was buy a hot-dog from them and I actually had fun.

That was three and a half years ago. Thanks to the Manitoba Stroke Recovery Association I have been able to push myself forward in a safe and supportive atmosphere. I have learned to laugh at some of my issues with other stroke survivors who are living through similar experiences. I have received lots of good advice, shared resources and occasionally I have had people hug me through a few tears. I have regained some of my shattered self-esteem and I have made wonderful new friends.

Recently a local news station came down and did a video at our office. They interviewed my friend Candace about her personal experience with Stroke Recovery and she gave a lovely and touching interview. Candace had recovery problems similar to mine and she always encouraged me to keep trying.  I saw her progress and I too had hopes for a better future. If you watch the video you will see a lot of my other friends in the background and you will see what my home away from home looks like. You will also see a very short clip of the Tai Ji exercise group I attend most Fridays. I missed being there when the film crew was at the center.

I was not able to embed the video into my blog, so I really hope you will click on over and watch this short news video. Please look for the article called "Community Connection: Stroke Recovery Association" and this picture of Candace. 
CTV television in Winnipeg


Rebecca said...

I agree that socializing is an important part of stroke recovery. Humans have opposable thumbs, but we are the most social animal on the planet.

Marcelle Greene said...

She's lovely. Thanks for opening your second home to me.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm glad you met her, Linda. She helped you so much during your recovery. I enjoyed the video about SAM and recognized a few of our Tai Ji buddies!

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