Saturday, April 5, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On?

I am participating in WEGO's challenge to post everyday in APRIL. WEGO is a group that empowers online communities in Health Activism to help others.
Keep Calm and Carry On. Write & create your own “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Try to make it about your condition! You can then go to ( and actually make an image to post to your blog. #HAWMC

I was very surprised to find out that people think of Therapeutic Recreation Facilitators as people who just lead Bingo Games and do Arts and Crafts with Old People. It is so much more...
One of the first appointments with my Occupational Therapist involved a discussion about what my goals for recovery were.  What were the things I needed to do and what were the things I wanted to do? What had I lost with the injury that would impact on my life?
We talked about what I needed to do to be safe. What did I need to be able to do that were activities of daily living such as managing to dress and feed myself.  Issues related to moving physically, reading and knowing what to do with numbers were at the top of my list.
How do you want to spend your leisure time? What helps you participate in activities with your friends and family? What will it take for you to get to go back to volunteer or paid work or allow you to care for your family?
I wanted to read, I wanted to cook, I wanted to shop by myself. I had a goal of being organized and remembering what I was doing. I wanted to crochet even though my left hand was NOT working well. I wanted to enjoy photography. I wanted to go camping, hiking and boating.
What I REALLY wanted at that point was my old life back.
What have I done in my journey to get my life back?
I worked on reading and writing with my OT
I worked on how to cook again with my OT
I helped decorate and paint my cottage walls
I wanted music so I joined a very tolerant choir and I found a guitar teacher
I went to boating, sailing events for disabled people to help with my balance
I had  a physiotherapist that made me ride a stationary bike.
I was sent to aquatic therapy where I got to exercise and play in a pool.
I went for (remarkably slow) walks with friends to learn to walk again and gain endurance.
I joined the Stroke Recovery Association and found  peers for support and to do activities with.
I attend adapted Tai Chi classes with a physiotherapist to help with balance, spasticity and strength.
I attended an outpatient group where we  played games to encourage cognitive recovery
I attended a whole lot of sessions of Mindful help balance my emotions
I blog... for recreation and therapy too.. and the hope of making a difference to other people.
I have socialized and made new friends and got a lot of support on this journey.
That, my friends, is what I think Therapeutic Recreation is all about. 

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