Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Work Placement

I might use pansies for my indoor garden program next week.
I have been very, very busy at my first unpaid work placement for the past 3 weeks. I am at a
personal care home that is part of a large chain. The home is pretty large with just over 200 residents and it has 10 people employed as recreation staff.  I love the people I have been working with. Just lovely people and I do feel at home. It is challenging though. The real world experience is being valuable.

 Next week will involve a lot of assignments and activities that I will be marked on. I will spend Monday at the college with my class and teachers and I will have to give a short presentation about the place where I am working. We are all at different locations all around the city and it fascinating to see how incredibly different all the facilities are.  From Tuesday to Friday I will be observed and marked while running three programs. I choose the programs, plan them out  and I will do a write up about each of them. I am planning a music program, a game program and I have been researching Horticultural Therapy for the last one. I will get to help out at the monthly "club night". I also need to make up a pretend May calendar for the facility with events and activities for the floor I am working on.

I am holding out okay physically, but believe me this is NOT easy.  It is a blessing to be of service to the people in the home but there is only so much one can do to help. There is sadness and loss to be seen there but there are inspiring moments of joy and dignity too.

I will do a work placement at an assisted living facility for May and I think that will also be an interesting experience.


Barb Polan said...

Sounds like fun. Have a blast!

Rebecca Dutton said...

Is a personal care home like a nursing home?

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Barb.... You know it is fun but it is really tension inducing and physically exhausting. I am being evaluated on what I am doing constantly. It is like a month long practical exam plus they have the ability to employ me in a month and I have the director who does the hiring is signing off on everything I do, so it also feel like a 90 hour job interview.

Linda said...

Rebecca- Yes this is a nursing home that houses 218 people that need a lot of assistance, especially skilled nursing care. Many have Alzheimer's dementia that is pretty far progressed. Our province has a really strong mandate to keep people home or at least out in the community with support for as long as possible so this is for pretty serious care.

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