Monday, January 31, 2011

The Kings Speech

I really love this movie! Bob, Emily and I went to see it on the weekend and it was touching, very entertaining and often humorous. Really, it was fantastic. It is no wonder that it is up for so many awards.

The story, in case you somehow missed hearing the plot, is about King George IV of England, who had a speech impairment. He needed to show himself as someone to be trusted and he needed to inspire his people. He was limited both by his stutter and by his own view of his self worth.
The relationship he develops with a very unorthodox speech therapist is the basis of this outstanding movie.

I had serious problems with my ability to speak for a while after my stroke, and I still find that when I am tired, or stressed, my ability to communicate verbally becomes challenged. The frustration is overwhelming sometimes.

I usually find that if I use some tricks to calm down and then breath and talk slowly I will eventually get words out. If I still can't find the right word to spit out, I can usually think up a synonym or some words to describe the object -- even if I can't come up with the correct word for the object or person. One big problem is that so often people will decide what it is that I want to say and will complete my sentences for me rather than patiently waiting for me to "find my words". It is surprising how frequently they are dead wrong in the way they try to complete MY thoughts!

At one point the King yells at the therapist, Lionel "Listen to me! Listen to me!". Lionel replies "Why should I waste my time listening to you?" The King responds "Because I have a voice!" and Lionel responds " Yes, you do!".

I sat in the theater and oh how that scene resonated with me. To have a voice is so much more than the words coming from your mouth. It is to have an opinion, it is a freedom of self expression, it is a right to communicate and it is indeed self worth. To have a voice is to have the ability to make a difference in your life and in the world.

Yes, I too have a voice and I want to express my gratitude to those people who have patiently listened and given me the time and the opportunity to be heard.

I hope you get a chance to see this movie.

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