Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guitar Lessons Started Again

I am about to head off to my 4th Guitar lesson. It is actually going very well. My right hand is fully healed with only a thickened little scar area and still a little bit of stiffness in the top finger joint. My left had is miles ahead of where it was before my "good right" hand got so painful and icky. Basically I was forced to use my weaker left hand and now it functions pretty well, however it is a little stiff getting started and kind of achy.

The sensation in my hand still feels kind of off, but I can tell when I am touching something and I can tell hot from cold. Basically it kind of feels a like bit like a "pins and needles" sensation, especially compared to my other hand, but the weird sensation doesn't interfere with my activities at all.

Guitar lessons started off as a physiotherapy kind of plan to really challenge my hand to work, and it is indeed going to continue to help my coordination and speed improve. What is surprising to me is how hard I am finding it to read the music notes and to read music chords.... and well basically remember what the teacher showed me 2 minutes before.

I should not be surprised that I can't read music fluently anymore. If I could initially forget what numbers were and struggle so hard to get back any sense of numeracy I should not be surprised that a different symbolic kind of communication has been lost as well.

So back to the beginning of reading yet again. The staff lines are e...g...b...d...f...

Cognitive therapy, here we go once again.



Sara G said...

"Every Good Boy Does Fine" is the phrase I learned with reading music to play the piano. Bravo! on keeping up with the lessons and moving forward with therapy. I'm not at a stage where I have tried to play the piano. Told my hubby that we need to get my piano/keyboard running for my therapy. Keep it up!

Linda said...

Thanks Sara,

I have gone to so many music lessons with our kids over the years it feels funny to be at a music lesson just for me!

I hope you do get your keyboard going soon.


Grace Carpenter said...

I've been trying to play piano, too. Although what comes out is not what I could call music, it's just to remember this part of myself.

Linda said...

That makes at least 3 of us online wanting to work on music.. and 3 more of my friends from my Stroke Recovery Association Chapter have been working on music too. I think that is very interesting.

I played piano pretty well "before", and over the years I have done a lot of accompanying my 4 kids who all played string instruments and sang.

Last year (Christmas 2009) I tried to play some Christmas carols that I have played forever on the piano and it was an absolute disaster. I was so discouraged. I couldn't get the two hands working together.

Guitar was new to me but we had a good one available in the house. It felt like a fresh start.

So far so good!

Good luck with playing too Grace. It will get better for both of us with practice. I know it!


Anonymous said...

I really wish to learn how to play a guitar, so I am looking for free Guitar Chords for Beginners.. hope you can help me. thanks in advance!

Cherie Seldon said...

I had a hard time remembering notes too! What I did was took extra lessons at home, tried my best to familiarize with the notes and that’s it. It hurt my fingers, but it was all worth the pain! Music is indeed therapeutic. I hope it did help you recover your movement and coordination.

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