Friday, March 11, 2011

Bike Accident

My son fortunately will be okay.

This afternoon my 27 year old son was cycling to work and he was hit by a car. He called from the hospital to ask if we could come and drive him to his house and informed us that he has a broken bone in his lower leg. It is in place and the other bone is sound and recovery is expected to be straight forward. He is in pain but we picked up his prescriptions for painkillers and hopefully he will get some rest tonight.

He was hit by a car that turned at an intersection when the car driver just didn't look over and turned into him. He wears a neon orange safety striped jacket when cycling so I don't know how you could miss seeing him. Thank goodness he always wears a helmet because that got bashed in too, but his head and neck are fine. It could have been so much worse.

The other guy's insurance should take care of my son's costs, but my son's bike is pretty fancy customized one, and his only means of transportation, so he will have to wait and see what the insurance does to help about repairing or replacing the bike. Some kind men in a service vehicle stopped, called an ambulance and offered to be witnesses. They gave him their business cards and kindly took his bike out of the middle of the road and will store it at their warehouse until we can take a vehicle to pick it up.

I think we will have our little grand kids for the weekend.. so their Daddy can have a good rest and keep his foot elevated. I hope I can find the energy.

Usually I think the cycling is such a good idea; it is great for fitness and for the environment. At this moment, even though it sounds ridiculous, I am really mad at that car driver and mad at my son's bike.


Sara G said...

Sending Hugs! Praying for you and your family. May your son's recovery be as swift as possible and you have enough energy for this weekend.

Peter G Levine said...

Wow! Helmet! I always wonder if things like this provide wisdom that then keeps us from something much worse down the road (no pun). Best,-pete

Grace Carpenter said...

I hope your son is feeling better. And I hope you had a nice weekend--hopefully not too exhausting--with your grandkids.

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