Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day.

This the 100th anniversary of the first celebrations of Women's Day. In 1975 the United Nations celebrated International Women's Year and at that time they established March 8th as International Women's Day.

My province held a special event at 11:45 am at the Legislative Building today celebrating the accomplishments of disabled women. I had wanted to go but didn't think it was going to work out, mainly because of transportation issues and a reluctance to go to a crowded location all by myself. My friend Betty was so thoughtful! She was interested in going too, and she knew I wanted to go, so she went ahead and called and reserved us a spot and drove me to the event. I know it wasn't easy for her to arrange her day around this. Even finding parking space was a major effort. It was so kind of her to make it happen for us and I really do appreciate her efforts.

We started by viewing a display area with about 20 or so groups or agencies booths displaying information about resources and organizations in Manitoba. I picked up many pamphlets and talked to several very helpful individuals and I think the information will eventually prove very helpful to me. Next we went to the second level and we were provided with a sandwich lunch as part of the celebration. Next there were a couple short but interesting speeches. The room was very crowded and I was lucky someone gave me their chair.

One of the primary functions of this event was to act as a book launch for a new free Manitoba Government Publication called "Living in Manitoba: A Resource Guide for Women with Disabilities". It is a comparatively easy to read 200 page guidebook with lots of suggestions and resources available in the province. It covers material by topics such as education and training, employment, income benefit programs, housing, human rights, parenting and family life, transportation and travel and recreation and leisure.

It is available on line HERE or in other formats upon request.

Labour and Immigration Minister, Jennifer Howard, stated in her speech that:
“We are privileged to benefit from the immense contributions women with disabilities bring to the social, cultural, economic and political landscapes of Manitoba,” “We celebrate their successes and support others in the disability community who are facing and meeting the challenges life has set before them with dignity and determination.”


Grace Carpenter said...

Happy International Women's Day!

On this broad topic of disabled women... my sister got me a book called "A Change of Plans," women's stories about hemorrhagic stroke, by Sharon Dale Stone. Even though it's about a particular subgroup, I recommend it for any female stroke survivor.


Linda said...

Grace, that was the first book I actually managed to read after my stroke. It took me darn close to a year but I did read it.

It is very good and I highly recommend it too. I learned a lot from it. I had no idea that so many problems I was having, like extreme exhaustion, were stroke related until I read about it in that book.


Sara G said...

I will look into getting the book. I have only read what others have said through the internet, which has not been much. I had a hemorrhagic stroke and it is not too common from reading. Thanks for sharing Grace and Linda.

body lift said...

On last International Women's Day I see many womens are celebrated the day with great joy. Many programmes and held for womens in our area. My wife and mother also celebrated with her groups. I like those moments.

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