Sunday, September 26, 2021

Here I Go Again

 I am in the hospital yet again! 

The hospital I’m in.
I fell and broke my “good” left Hip!  It was severe enough that they couldn’t fix the top of my femur so they had to give me a total hip replacement on that left leg.  The right hip is not yet fully recovered from the revision so I am basically really wobbly and in quite a bit of pain. I have been hanging together the best I can but it is really hard to keep up my spirit and trust that this too shall pass.

My “100 day physio challenge” kind of ended abruptly, and I was rocking it too!   I guess that in a few weeks I shall hit a reset button.  The physiotherapist that I work with when I’m home is aware and already getting informed about my condition. Tomorrow I should get some information about what to do next from the hospital physiotherapist.

I’ll write more about how I broke my hip in a separate post. I am still kind of processing that this is really happening. Can you believe that this is the 4th time in 39 months  that I have been hospitalized due to a hip issue?

Even while lying on the ground, first injured last week, I started saying “not again”, over and over, and in the past couple days it has become “here we go again”. It seems that when I experience these life crisis I find myself with song lyrics running through my head. That doesn’t mean the whole song is relevant, but that something in the lyrics or melody resonates with me. 

 I searched youtube for the tunes I was humming and this is what I came up with. 

In a few months, this might be the beginning of my Rewind Recovery Exercise Playlist! 

Edit: It looks like I can’t figure out how to share the YouTube videos via my phone since the recent update to blogger and I’m just not up to working on it. I’ll fix it someday. 

Trust me- it would of had you rock on and dancing between Whitesnake with “Here I Go Again” Dolly Parton with “Here You Come Again” and blasting off with a Mamma Mia! clip of “Here We Go Again”

Here I Go Again

Here You Come Again 

Here We Go Again 

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Rebecca Dutton said...

I can relate totally. 18 years after my stroke, it is deteriorating joints and bone pain that creates so much anxiety.

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