Monday, August 23, 2010

Stroke Related Links - plus a few others

Links to major Organizations

Stroke Recovery Canada

This is a subsection of the March of Dimes site that basically acts as a resource site for Stroke recovery associations around Canada

Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba

My favorite hangout. I can't begin to tell you what a difference this organization has made to me and my recovery. Friendship, and some very practical help.

Heart and Stroke Association of Canada

Canadian with a lot of varied information. Good educational resource site.

Heart Association magazine archives (USA)

Stroke Connection is a magazine of the American heart association archived files of the magazine
and they have it on line. full issues for years back. I have loved going backward reading the magazines.

Alzheimer Society
many of the risk factors for Alzheimer are similar to those of Stroke. The site is very well done. I like one of the sections called the healthy brain in particular. It is my favorite spot for a couple of online puzzles under BrainBooster.

Power to End Stroke

Take a look at the comedy ads for public service ads.
strokes no joke

Some of my favorite Healthy Living and Wellness Web links around Winnipeg

Wellness Institute
Local Health resource location with lots of good programs.

Refit Center
close to home resource and fitness institute

Leisure Guide
Our city recreation programs lots of healthy living

Fort Whyte
It is not exactly healthy living in focus and more of an environmental stewardship focus, but a great place to go and pretty accessible. What it does have there that is interesting is accessible sailing.

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