Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Therapy Group: Session 6 - Dreaming about my Goals

The Last Session.

It is hard to believe it is over already.

The therapist invited the head of the rehab programs to meet with us and to hear our views. It was a good thing. Unfortunately only half our group were there and our student volunteer was also gone already so it was just the 2 of us clients sharing our opinions but I certainly feel like our opinions were valued.

The original plan had been to go down to the river and release a few slips of papers with our worries, but it was crummy weather outside so we just staying in our room and sunk the papers in a bowl of water but that is not quite the same impact.

We took a piece of paper and we were supposed to make a list of our goals. Ever the over-achiever, I struggled with organizing the goals, and deciding what should be included and overshot with producing a time line while the poor other guy sat and waited for me to get done.

The therapist asked us each to pick one specific goal that we are willing to work on in the immediate future.

Surprise surprise, even to myself, I picked that I want to learn guitar!

Now what is the rational behind this?
  • I like guitar music.
  • We have Emily's beautiful guitar and no one is using it.
  • I tried piano and that had two problems. First, I really found it upsetting that I couldn't play like I used to and I also found my two hands were fingering at different speeds. A guitar will be new to me so no sense of what used to be and the hands are doing very different physical tasks.
  • The guitar might be great physical therapy for my functioning but weak and slower moving left hand
  • Working with the music should be a doable challenge to work on my poor short memory too
  • Music, for me, used to be like a form of meditation and very soothing, or it could be a way of venting emotions and feelings. Both would feel good about now!

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