Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Therapy Group: Session 1 - Sharing about Ourselves

I am attending a 6 week therapy group led by The Easy Street Outpatient Program's Social Worker who is specializing in working with people who have had a life changing health crisis. Easy Street is a wonderful multi-discipline program operated out of the Rehab section of the Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg.

There are 4 of us participants, our Social Worker and a young volunteer. It is always difficult to become a new group. This time was easier though because all of us participants had met before for group with a different therapist. The one struggling the most to know how to fit in was the poor University student volunteer.

The hope is that we will go outside and use some of the spaces around the hospital such as the Gazebo in today's picture.

Sharing about myself and getting to know you was the first topic.

We were to bring a picture of ourselves that meant a lot to us. Wow, for a photography involved family that was tough one. Add to the fact that one of my cognitive problems has been making decisions, so I opted for not making a decision and just bringing several. There was the one of our wedding, one of me in the canoe this year for the first time in forever and one of Bob and me at the Stroke Recovery Christmas Party with Bob dressed up as Santa. The wedding was of course important to me as the Beginning of our life together as a couple. The picture of me in the canoe was also a new beginning; I have had a new opportunity to enjoy life and experience things that I came so close to loosing.

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