Monday, April 16, 2012

HAWMC -Day 15 Writing with Style

Writing with Style. 
What’s your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?

Do I have a style? I never really thought about this. Any comments for me or gentle suggestions?

I usually use this blog to share different events and activities that I participate in or find of value. It is kind of my personal road map for recovery and --- well--- leading a healthy life!

a nice red apple sitting on an apple computer
My "Apple Computer" at the Lake
I normally try to sit down with my laptop about once a week, during those rare moments when it is quiet in the house. I pick a highlight of the week and try and share some of my experiences and a bit of information. It is a very happy bonus if something I post might be helpful to others. If there is anything exciting going on I will post more often in order to keep people up to date.  I need to edit a lot so I go over my posts again and again until I decide enough is enough and hit that post button. I think that I write a lot like I talk, and all this editing makes me question my speaking style too!

Writing the blog was originally a way for me to reflect on what was happening, and in part a way to remember my experiences. It was also an effort to gently keep up the web development  skills that I had enjoyed before I got sick. As time has gone by I have made friends with other bloggers, and now I want to participate in blogging in order to discuss our shared experiences. I am hoping that by participating in this 30 day blogging challenge I will improve my writing and blogging skills and perhaps make some new friends.

The photograph is just me being silly with my computer. (copy-written Linda Cooper 2010). I like the contrast of the high tech computer and the beat up old rocking chair.


Glynis said...

How I write my blog --
I type first using a rich text document (although not Word). This copy is for my records on my hard drive.
I always write the title first even though I may change it somewhere along the way. I use it for motivation.
I like writing my posts the day before and then schedule them for the next morning.

Linda said...

A Glynis-- you do your work ahead! I should follow your example because I tend to spend my life playing catch up.

I need to follow your example and back up my posts better. I have decided to print out and collect my posts from this month long challenge in a binder. It feels like if I am learning things I should have a binder to show for it! lol

Humpty Dumpty said...

I think your writing style is actually your natural voice, a little more formal than when we talk, but I can definitely tell it's you in the writing. :)

Like you, I really should plan out my posts ahead of time. I do think about what I want to write about before I sit down at the computer, but the writing of my posts is usually seat-of-the-pants kind-of writing, much like when I'm writing fiction. The muse speaks, I write! :)

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