Friday, April 20, 2012

HAWMC -Day 20 Miracle Cure

 Miracle Cure. 
Write a news-style article on a miracle cure. What’s the cure? How do you get the cure? Be sure to include a disclaimer ;)

I am not wild about this topic. I admit it.
Miracles Cures too often turn out to be anything but.

I went to an event with other Stroke Survivors a couple years ago and there were  guest speakers who it turned out sold "healthy products". They were promoting a particular Asian dehydrated tea and food source that was said to have miraculous curative powers, especially for people with brain issues like stroke or Alzheimer. One of the guest speakers claimed to have been able to get off their normal medications completely and was able to get rid of her wheelchair after only a month with this Dr's health food secrets.

This vulnerable group of people placed large orders and paid hundreds of dollars for products that evening, and many of them were giving up a large amount of a very limited incomes.  They were all set to stop taking their blood thinners and blood pressure medications as soon as their dehydrated foods arrived in the mail.  I was shocked at how quickly and easily the listeners were ready to jump on board with this sales pitch but it just reflects the desperation of people faced with devastating illness.

This was potentially a deadly decision for some of these people. I am sure the product would not normally be dangerous to consume, but the encouragement to do away with their medication was very serious and there was also the possibility that the unknown foods could interact  with the medications they were taking. Heck.. if you are on certain blood thinners you can get in trouble by eating too much broccoli!

I do know the real idea for today's prompt is to write about what that wonderful day will be like when a true cure is announced, but I personally think we have to avoid or survive the miracle cures and charletons that are out there first. The days of snake oil salesmen are not gone.

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Charlene and David said...

We did a story about this on our blog too... pasted below (link above) Dave & Charlene

An old friend sent us a note telling us about a "breakthrough" stroke therapy that can change a stroke survivor's life, even after as many as 10 years after a stroke. I showed Charlene the video, yet, she was not interested. We did a bunch of "breakthrough" therapies about 10 years ago, and spent a lot of money, time, travel, and deep emotions. None of them worked, however. After a point, you just don't want to raise your expectations, only to have them let you down. She is fine with her condition, and is open only to God's miraculous healing power. He is well able. If these therapies were really a breakthrough, it would be all over the news media. I noticed that they even state that "some patients do not respond to the treatment." We have seen that statement before in all the therapies that we tried, which is a big "red flag" for us. We are just not interested in "breakthrough" therapies any more at this time, and we just wanted to let others know how we felt. It is OK to feel this way, despite the good intentions of well meaning friends and family pushing them. There is a long list of experimental, "breakthrough" treatments out there that are NOT covered under any insurance or medicare. It is big business.selling hope to those who desire it the most. Many times the improvements are not worth the cost and inconvenience of the treatment. That is just our opinion and is based solely upon our experience. We would love to hear your comments.

Linda said...

I am glad you and Charlene are comfortable with where you are now.

I think sometimes new therapies are really possible --and I hope for them! but like you said there are hints like the some patients don't respond line. You are right it is Big business falsely selling hope. I am so sorry you had your hopes dashed 10 years ago but look what joy you still have. Good for the two of you.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. My friend with cancer was convinced that a certain line of very expensive vitamins and minerals would help reduce her tumors. I was worried that it was a scam but I figured the nutrients couldn't hurt her. They didn't help much, either. She died within a year of the treatments. I really hate how companies take advantage of those desperate enough to pay anything for their 'miracle cure'.

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