Thursday, April 26, 2012

Play Review and HAWMC Day 25 Challenge

 Today has been a difficult day. It had it's good moments and some nice visits with friends, but really, I am very tired today and not managing too well. I will get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.

We went out this evening to a play called Next to Normal and it was very very good but not exactly uplifting.  It is a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning musical drama that centers around a woman with bipolar disorder and her family.  This was not a feel good show and they did it all singing. 

It had a lot of effective lighting including strobe lights, haze and loud music that really affected my sense of equiibrium and I had to cover my eyes and sometimes my ears to keep from becoming dizzy and nauseated.

Here is a clip from youTube  It nails a bunch of the more negative emotions pretty exactly. The song "Catch Me I'm Falling" could have been an option for my theme song during the past 4 years in terms of many of the statements but also the physical reality of my balance issues. Life has improved for me, both emotionally and physically, but my heath issues have taken a huge toll on me and on my family.

Since I am exhausted  I did a shorter prompt today from a list of extra choices. This prompt seemed to fit the mood of my day. Sometimes I am more cheerful than others. You don't always need to be happy.  You can embrace the sad part of you and then hopefully move on.  Someday I will revisit this poem and write about all the positive things that have come my way with time because there are many of those too.

I used to be ...  but not anymore
Write a 10 line poem where each line is the phrase. What did you fill in the blank?

I used to be  naive  … but not anymore.
I used to be  carefree … but not anymore.
I used to be  agile … but not anymore.
I used to be  strong … but not anymore.
I used to be  sure of myself … but not anymore.
I used to be decisive …but not anymore
I used to be  steady … but not anymore.
I used to be full of energy …but not anymore
I used to be spontaneous … but not anymore
I used to be  a source of strength … but not anymore.

I used to be healthy ….


Diane said...

Oh, Linda, here's a BIG HUG!!

How about I edit that poem a little and add:

"I used to be uninspiring... but not anymore!!!!"

You are an inspiration. Hang in there.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sorry the play was so difficult for you to watch and your poem is so negative, it almost made me cry. You've come a long way. Never forget that. :)

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