Sunday, April 1, 2012

Health Activist - Day 1 of a 30 days of Blogging Challenge

I am taking part in a month of challenges!

It is  Health Activist Writer’s Month at WEGO Health – " a month dedicated to the art of writing… about health." I signed up and was sent a list of 30 challenges one to be completed each day in April.  I love blogging and making web pages but I have never put much energy into working on my creative writing skills. This seems like a great opportunity to work on my writing and a chance to share and learn with other participants!

Health Time Capsule. 
Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you and your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?

Health Time Capsule

 There are lots of things that I could put in my time capsule that reflect the last 4 years.

Cane with wrist strap, computer memory stick and Guiding craft  "Memories"
One would by my laptop. It has been my email/ facebook/ blog contact with the outside world, my journal to complain to, food diary, appointment calendar, source of entertainment and it did all of this while letting me be comfortable on the couch or in bed. It was cognitive therapy with puzzles and games, hand therapy with all that typing, writing practice and a source for health information.

My cane that helps me balance and keeps me aware of where I am leaning in space and keeps some off my sore stiff leg. It also acts as a warning to others that this person wobbles.

My walker was needed to keep me going upright, to sit on when I was tired and to help carry all my belongings.

My bath chair because heat and leaning back to wash your hair in slippery conditions can really get you hurt, especially when you have balance problems.

Railings were put up in our house. I needed railings and grab bars everywhere and... soft furniture to bounce off of when I fell.

Ankle brace, with velcro shoes and now lace up flat waking shoes that are kind of high in the ankle-- all keep my left foot facing forward.

Extra lighting because I largely use my eyes for balance now, not my inner ears, and I keel over in the dark.
I had a handitransit pass.  Our transit system sends a taxi that can pick up to 3 customers in one trip. It is not always easy to use but it does give freedom and some independence to move around the city and get to appointments.

Exercise balls, weights and other "equipment" because that is what is getting me stronger.

My binders of work from Occupational therapy and cognitive skill projects shoud be in the time capsule.

My beloved backpack
My reminder book is important too. I needed a notebook to record everything that I was supposed to remember. It was a band-aid for my damaged short-term memory.

My backpack leaves my hands free for the cane or walker and lets me keep my notebooks, keys, and other items available. Because of my balance it does matter to have the bag balanced over my back and not hanging over one shoulder or to the side.

A guitar because it was a new and happy challenge for me and it is getting my left fingers moving again. Learning music is improving my memory.

My apron- very simply when you don't have two working hands an apron with nice big pockets helps you carry things.

My Girl Guide Membership Pin - we had some rocky moments but I have always felt like a member and I have had wonderful Guiding friends who have stood by me. The girls in my unit made me feel like I was still needed and valued.

My Camera is important too. It has let me capture the memories that were slipping away so fast with my damaged memory.  I felt brave when leaning over and bending down to take pictures and therefore it helped work on my balance.

A picture of all my family members; they support me and make all the work worthwhile.

A button that says not all disabilities are visible should be in there.

There is a little notebook and a pin from my Occupational Therapist that I received when I was discharged from her part of the rehab program at Easy Street.

Little nightly reminders notes with quotes my daughter put out for me along with my medication during a time I wasn't capable of remembering if I took my pills or not.

I value a cross necklace and a St Christopher medallion that I wear around my neck.  St Christopher was the Patron Saint of travel and also of balance. I like the reminder that I am never alone.

Lately a new choice would be-- My iPhone - memos, phone, notes, maps with directions, internet all in one happy little package. Seriously it is an unbelievable help with my cognitive issues, but seems like a cool normal every day tool to use.

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